(C) Jean-Paul Bertemes (FNR) & Moast Creative Studios

Alessandro Decarli, psychologist at the University of Luxembourg.

Explaining their research in less than 90 seconds: 8 young researchers from Luxembourg took up the challenge in the second edition of the video series "My research in 90 seconds". In this episode, Alessandro Decarli presents his work on attachment theory! More about this in the video - and in the text below.

Author: Alessandro Decarli
Video: Jean-Paul Bertemes (FNR) & Moast Creative Studios

Hello, my name is Alessandro and I am a psychologist at the University of Luxembourg.
My research field is Attachment Theory. Attachment Theory describes the dynamics of the parent-child relationship from birth on and their influence on the future development of the child.

In our study, we are investigating how separation experiences in early childhood, as for instance a parental divorce or the experience of being adopted, influence attachment and mental health during adolescence.

In order to investigate the relationship between adolescents and their parents, we interview them. Furthermore, we also set up a short parent-child interaction, where adolescents and their parents have to discuss a disagreement, for example regarding the subject “mobile phone”.

The study is particularly innovative and relevant for the Greater Region, since to this day there is no data available on this subject. The aim of this study is also to understand what kind of needs both parents and children have, in order to develop new and specific clinical interventions for families who have, for instance, issues.

Furthermore, through feedback from us, the study offers participating families the possibility to reflect upon their own personal situation and to better understand the relational dynamics between the parents and their children.


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